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Contacto: Martha Nora Zarate
Director Artistico de Mazarte

Mazarte’s goal is to create a union between dance, research, and indigenous art in order to promote Mexican cultural heritage, bring history to life and provide educational programs for the communities we live in. At the same time, we believe our approach to art and culture must be holistic and with each program we reconnect and support the indigenous communities we left back in Mexico.
ntro: Candles procession

Our program is based in the beauty of the music and dances from Sierra Norte de Puebla, (north part of the state of Puebla), where all the mysticism of the people gather together in a Procession of the Candles to reach the town main plaza.

mazarte quezalesQuetzales

A rainbow of colors from the different costumes and richness of the head pieces they used for the Danza de Quetzales, danced in the Sierra Norte de Puebla.

Dance of the flowers

The Flowers Dance, where you can see all the beauty of the Sierra girl, dancing with a basket of flowers to welcome the spring season.

Danza de Acatlaxques.

Its name comes from Nahuatl language. In Spanish means “beautiful set of reeds” or “Game of reeds adorned,” The dancers carry in their hands an ingenious set of cane reeds tied together to accompany the choreography. In the end, the dancers in a circle display them to form a sort of dome. This dance represent the harvest.

sonesSones Afro-Mestizos de Guerrero:

This dances are inspired by the many colors, textures, and rhythms from the state of Guerrero including African, mestizo, and South American influences. The sones or rhythms de artesa (small wooden platform) in which dancers exhibit balance and intricate footwork influenced primarily by African immigrants